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Fringed Cladonia Lichen

Fringed Cladonia LichenThe Fringed Cladonia, Cladonia fimbriata, (L.) Fr.

Habitat.-Earth, stumps, etc.

Vegetative organs (thallus).-The primary commonly persistent as little scales variously incised on the margin, sea-green above, olive to white or dusky below; often powdery (sorediate).

Fruiting organs (apothecia).-Brown, sometimes on tooth-like projections of the goblet-shaped podetia.

Fruit-bearing branches (podetia).-Hollow, 1 to 3 cm. tall, goblet-shaped, rather long-stalked and slender; the margin erect, often with tooth-like projections sometimes bearing fruits (apothecia); surface (cortex) disintegrating into a fine white powder.

Name.-The specific name fimbriata, the Latin for "fringed," refers to the margin of the goblet-shaped branches. The forms of Cladonia fimbriata are extremely varied and difficult to determine. Dr. Wainio recognises sixteen varieties and a large number of sub-varieties, twelve varieties are well known in North America.