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GrassesFrom spring until late autumn grasses bloom by every wayside, and in field and meadow form the green carpet of the earth. Widely distributed throughout all countries, and abundant even in far-away prehistoric days, they still remain the most important family of the vegetable kingdom, and - of all common plants the most common - the least commonly known.

Yet from the moment when the first violet lifts its blossom to the sunlight until in autumn the witchhazel's delicate flowers are seen above fastfalling leaves, there is never a day when grasses are not in bloom, and never a week in summer when a score of different species may not be gathered.

In richness and variety of colouring, above their undertone of green, the blossoms and wind-blown anthers of the grasses rival in beauty the flowers that the wayfaring man collects. The grace of swaying stem and drooping leaf, the delicacy of tiny flowers tinged in rose and purple, and the infinite variety shown in form and colouring are lost upon those who are intent on seeking flowers that the forests make rare.

Grasses there are, stout and higher than one's head, and grasses so slender that their dying stems among wayside weeds are like threads of gold; grasses whose panicles of bloom are more than half a yard in length, and of a colour which only a midsummer sun can burn into August fields; grasses so stiff that winter's snow leaves them unbroken, and grasses so tiny that their highest flower is raised but a few inches from the soil.

Alfalfa Plant
Alsike Clover
Awned Wheat Grass
Barley Grass
Barnyard Millet
Beaked Rush
Beard Grass
Bearded Wheat Grass
Bent Grass
Bermuda Grass
Black Grained Mountain Rice Grass
Black Grass
Black Oat Grass
Blue Joint Grass
Bog Rush
Bottle Brush Grass
Bristly Foxtail Grass
Broad Leaved Spike Grass
Brome Grass
Broom Sedge Grass
Bur Grass
Bushy Beard Grass
Canada Blue Grass
Common Millet
Common Vetch
Cotton Grass
Couch Grass
Creeping Eragrostis Grass
Creeping Fescue
Crested Dogs Tail Grass
Crimson Clover
Cyperus Sedge
Darnel Grass
Dropseed Grass
Early Bunch Grass
Egyptian Grass
False Red Top Grass
Fescue Grass
Field Paspalum Grass
Fimbristylis Sedge
Flat Pea
Flattened Oat Grass
Forked Beard Grass
Fowl Meadow Grass
Foxtail Millet
Gama Grass
Goose Grass
Grass Leaved Rush
Grass Pea
Green Foxtail Grass
Hairy Vetch
Horse Bean
Indian Corn
Indian Grass
Indian Rice Grass
Italian Millet Grass
Italian Rye Grass
Kentucky Blue Grass
Kidney Vetch
Knot Root Grass
Lace Grass
Large Crab Grass
Long Awned Wood Grass
Low Spear Grass
Mammoth Clover
Manna Grass
Marram Grass
Marsh Foxtail Grass
Marsh Oats Grass
Marsh Spike Grass
Meadow Foxtail Grass
Meadow Oat Grass
Meadow Sphenopholis Grass
Muhlenbergia Grass
Narrow Melic Grass
Nodding Wild Rye Grass
Nut Rush
Nuttalls Reed Grass
Orchard Grass
Panic Grass
Pearl Millet
Perennial Rye Grass
Pond Sedge
Poverty Grass
Purple Eragrostis Grass
Purple Finger Grass
Purple Oat Grass
Purple Wheat Grass
Purplish Aristida Grass
Quaking Grass
Ray Grass
Red Clover
Reed Canary Grass
Reed Grass
Rice Cut Grass
Rough Stalked Meadow Grass
Salt Meadow Leptochloa Grass
Sand Grass
Sand Mat Rush
Sea Beach Aristida Grass
Sea Lyme Grass
Seaside Oats Grass
Sharp Fruited Rush
Shear Grass
Silky Oat Grass
Silvery Hair Grass
Slender Aristida Grass
Slender Mountain Rice Grass
Slender Paspalum Grass
Slender Sphenopholis Grass
Slender Spike Grass
Slender Wild Rye Grass
Slender Wood Reed Grass
Small Crab Grass
Soja Bean
Spartinas Grass
Spike Rush
Spreading Spear Grass
Squirrel Tail Grass
Strong Scented Eragrostis Grass
Sweet Vernal Grass
Tall Grama Grass
Tall Oat Grass
Tall Red Top Grass
Terrell Grass
Timothy Grass
Toad Rush
Tufted Eragrostis Grass
Tufted Hair Grass
Vanilla Grass
Variegated Alfalfa
Velvet Grass
Virginian Lyme Grass
Wall Barley Grass
Water Meadow Grass
Wavy Hair Grass
Western Rye Grass
Western Wheat Grass
White Clover
White Grained Mountain Rice Grass
White Grass
White Sweet Clover
Wild Oat Grass
Wire Grass
Wood Meadow Grass
Wood Reed Grass
Wood Rush
Wood Spear Grass
Yard Rush
Yellow Foxtail Grass
Yellow Lucerne
Yellow Oat Grass
Yellow Trefoil