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Parmelia Conspersa Lichen

Parmelia Conspersa LichenParmelia conspersa, (Ehrh.) Ach.

Habit and habitat.-On rocks and stones; degenerate on dead wood.

Vegetative organs (thallus).-Leaf-like, not gelatinous when moist. Pale green or straw-coloured above, blackening below, appressed, the margin sometimes ascendant; cartilaginous, membranaceous, the lobes mostly rather narrow sub-linear and much divided, smooth, not wrinkled, the centre often bearing little stalked bodies with knobs (isidiophorous).

Fruiting organs (apothecia).-Disks chestnut; margin (thalline exciple) entire.

Spores.-Ellipsoid, simple, colourless.

Name.-The specific name conspersa, besprinkled, refers to its surface which looks as if sprinkled with little grains.