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Stereocaulon Paschale Lichen

Stereocaulon Paschale LichenStereocaulon paschale, (L.)

Habitat.-On rocks.

Vegetative organs (thallus).-Primary, usually wanting. Secondary, growing in round thick mats; podetia long and slender, much branched and covered with scale-like (squamulose), crenate, dark-gray granules and inconspicuous cottony fibres.

Fruiting organs (apothecia).-At or near the apicus of the podetia, small, with disk convex dark-brown.

Name.-The specific name paschale is the Latin for "Passover." Its significance is not evident.

NOTE: S. paschale is closely related to S. tomentosum which is as its name implies conspicuously covered with cottony fibres.