Plant Guide

Plant Guide

Plant GuideA plant is beneficial in many ways. Plants add to the healthfulness of the environment by cooling and purifying the air. Besides cutting off the direct and reflected rays of the sun, foliage exercises a marked effect on the temperature by evaporating large quantities of water from its surface.

A plant also absorbs impure and hurtful gases and sets free the oxygen that we, humans, and animals need for respiration. Vegitation adds materially to the comforts of our life, and yes, it also gives pleasure!

A life without plants, flowers and trees will not only be hard on our precious little blue planet, it will be impossible...

With this website we like to guide you through the breathtaking beauty and purity of mother nature. You will find an enormous amount of information about hundreds of plant varieties together with detailed color illustrations and photographs of beautiful plants.

The plant guide is divided into the following sub-categories:

Cactuses, Ferns, Flowers, Fruits, Grasses, Herbs, Medicinal Plants,
Miscellaneous Plants, Mosses and Lichens, Mushrooms, Nuts, Spices,
Trees and Vegetables.

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