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Fontinalis Antipyretica Moss

Fontinalis Antipyretica MossFontinalis antipyretica, var. gigantea, Sulliv.

Habit and habitat.-Glossy, yellow-green or bronzed plants growing in fresh water.

Name.-The specific name antipyretica is a compound of the Greek for; against, and; fever, given because of a belief in its efficacy in fevers. The varietal name gigantea refers to its size.

Plants. -One to two feet long, rooting only at the base and growing attached to stones, and roots of trees in streams.

Leaves.-Keeled and overlapping; vein none; apex finely toothed; cells of the basal angles enlarged.

Leaves at the base of the pedicel (perichaetial leaves).- Overlapping, broad and blunt.

Habit of flowering.-Fruiting branch 1/2 an inch long, male and female flowers on separate plants.

Veil (calyptra). -Beaked.


Lid (operculum).-Conical.

Teeth (peristome).-As in the genus.

Spores.-Mature in summer.

Distribution.-In temperate regions of both continents.