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Red Collar Moss

Red Collar MossThe Red Collarmoss, Splachnum rubrum, Linn., l. c.

Habit and habitat.Chiefly on dung in peat bogs.

Name.-The specific name, Latin rubrum, red, refers to the colour.

Plant (gametophyte).-Living but one year, small, the male plants smaller.

Leaves. -Large, open; apex recurved; base narrowed from an enlarged middle, above more abruptly narrowed to a long taper-point; margin distinctly serrate from below the middle; leaves of the male plant smaller.

Habit of flowering.-Male and female flowers on separate plants (dioicous).

Veil (calyptra).-Small, conical, slightly split or mostly entire at the base, soft and falling early.

Spore-case.-Small, oval and ending abruptly at the summit as if cut off, thin, membranous and dirty-yellow.

Pedicel (seta).-Very long and red, enlarged just below the spore-case to form a purple, bell-shaped or umbrella-like portion (apophysis).

Lid.-Highly convex.

Teeth (peristome).-Sixteen, large, densely cross-barred, joined in pairs at the base and sometimes at the apex.

Spores.-Small, mature in summer.

Distribution.-In the Rockies and in Maine, also in Europe.