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Schistostega Osmundacea

Schistostega OsmundaceaSchistostega osmundacea, Web. & Mohr.

Plant (gametophyte).-Living but one year, produced from a persistent, thread-like growth (protonema); stems tender and delicate, usually simple, 1/4 of an inch high with root-like, filaments at the base. Two forms are found, the barren which are naked below and have two rows of vertically placed leaves above, the fertile which resemble the barren or are naked except for a small tuft of terminal leaves.

Name.-The specific name osmundacea suggests a resemblance to the ferns of the same name.

Leaves.-Oblong-pointed, confluent at the base; cells large, rhom-boidal, containing leaf-green.

Habit of flowering- Male and female on separate plants(dioicous) male flower -clusters bud-like.

Veil (calyptra).-Minute, narrow, resembling a bishop's hat, covering the lid only.

Spore-case.-Small. almost spherical, soft.

Spore-sac (sporangium).-Distinct.

Columella.-Present, thick.

Pedicel.-Long and soft.

Lid (operculum). -Small, convex, with a red border.

Teeth (peristome).-None.

Spores.-Minute, maturing in the spring.

Species.-But one known.

Distribution.-It has been found in northern and central Europe and in New York and the White Mountains.