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Tiny Cedar Moss

Tiny Cedar MossThe Tiny Cedar Moss, Hypnum (Thuidium) minutulum,Hedw.

Habit and habitat.-Tiny fern-like mosses growing in woods on decaying trees and stumps.

Name.-Hedwig, a great German botanist, gave this dainty moss its specific Latin name, minutuium, tiny, on account of its small size.

Plant (gametophyte).-Minute, twice pinnate; stem irregularly divided, densely covered with soft matted hairs ; branches pinnately branching.

Leaves.-Stem-leaves triangular, opaque ; apex taper-pointed or with an abrupt short point ; margins somewhat rolled back ; vein stout, vanishing near the apex ; branch-leaves oval, with taper point, concave ; vein shorter; leaves covered with tiny protuberances.

Leaves at the base of the pedicel.-Thin, nearly smooth, the inner lance-shaped with a taper point.

Leaf-like organs (paraphyllia). -Numerous, and of various shapes covered with tiny projections.

Habit of flowering. -Male and female flowers on the same plant ; monoicous.