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Webera Albicans Moss

Webera Albicans MossWebera albicans, Schimp.

Habit and habitat.- This pretty moss grows in soft tufts of a light-green colour in wet sand on the borders of streams, and in swampy land along wheel ruts.

Name.-The specific name albicans, whitish, has reference to its peculiar pale-green colour.

Plant (gametopbyte).-Simple, erect or inclined; 1 to 4 inches long; stein reddish or dark-purple.

Leaves.-The lower ovate, oblong and taper-pointed, the upper oblong-lanceolate, soft, yellowish or pale-green; vein vanishing below the apex; margin serrate near apex; leaves around the male flowers broad and concave at the base, open and lanceolate above.

Habit of flowering.-Male and female flowers on separate plants, male flowers in a disk-like head.

Spore-case.-Inclined or pendent, short-pear-shaped, inflated at the neck (collum); green with a bloom, becoming brown; somewhat round and wide-mouthed when empty.

Pedicel.-Long, generally reddish and bent at the base.

Lid (operculum).-Conical with a nipple (mammillate).

Teeth (peristome). Large, orange-coloured.


Spores.-Mature in spring and early summer.

Distribution.-Almost universal.