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WalnutsThe walnuts (genus Juglans) form a noble family of ten species, in which there are no "black sheep"-and this is remarkable in any family. Each species yields valuable wood, and sweet, edible nuts. Each one deserves planting as an ornamental and shade tree.

Our American forests show four species-two spread over the eastern half of the continent, one grows in the Southwest, and one in California. To these have been added valuable exotic species. The English or Persian walnut (Juglans regia) is grown in the Southern States and in California; and two Japanese species, J. Sieboldiana and J. cordiformis, both of the butternut type but vastly superior to it, thrive in the regions where the English walnut is not hardy. There is also a Manchurian species in cultivation here. One or more walnuts belong in the West Indies and South America.

Black Walnut Tree
Butternut or Oil Nut or White Walnut Tree
California Walnut Tree
English or Persian Walnut Tree
Walnut Tree