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Bebbs Willow Tree

Bebbs Willow TreeBebb's Willow (Salix Bebbiana, Sarg.)-Small tree, with short trunk, l0 to 20 feet high, with downy twigs and smooth, reddish bark. Leaves 1 to 3 inches long, oblong-obovate, acute or blunt at apex, sparingly toothed or entire, dull green and downy above, distinctly veined and pale blue or silvery, hairy beneath; petioles short; stipules semi-cordate, acute, deciduous. Flowers with leaves, sessile, erect, terminal; staminate silky white, becoming golden; pistillate silky, with yellow stigmas which spread in pairs. Fruits pubescent, beaked capsules; stalk much longer than scale. Preferred habitat, dry soil or stream borders. Distribution, throughout British America and south to New Jersey, Nebraska and Utah.