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Carolina Poplar Tree

Carolina Poplar TreeThe Carolina Poplar, considered a variety (Carolinensis) of the cottonwood above, is a strict pyramidal tree of vigorous and surprisingly rapid growth. In cities the varnish on the leaves evidently protects them from dust and smoke. Nurserymen have exploited this tree in America and Europe far beyond its merits, for though useful as a temporary tree, giving shade very soon, poplars should give way gradually to more permanent species planted with them. This poplar soon outgrows the beauty and luxuriance of its youth, and becomes broken and ugly. The immoderate planting of these trees gives a cheap character to many an otherwise handsome town or country place. New summer resorts and city "additions" show poplars in great numbers about their premises. The "poplar habit" is a very short-sighted one and expensive in the long run. J. Wilkinson Elliott, of Pittsburg, persuades his clients to plant Balm of Gilead, a much more satisfactory species.