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Cortinarius Alboviolaceus

Cortinarius alboviolaceus

Cap or Pileus - Lavender, paler in the centre. Surface with rusty spots. 2 1/2 inches broad.

Gills or Lamellae - Crowded, unequal, attached to the stem.

Stem or Stipe - Pale lavender, assuming a deeper shade when cut or bruised. Spongy in the centre, swollen toward the base. 3 inches long.

Veil - Filmy, stretching from stem to the margin of the cap in young plant.

Spores - Rusty brown.

Flesh - Tinged with violet.

Time - Autumn.

Habitat - Thick, damp woods.

C. violaceus differs from c. alboviolaceus in having the cap dark violet and usually covered with fibres.