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Norway Maple Tree

Norway Maple TreeThe Norway Maple (A. platanoides) is a round-headed tree, of dense foliage which turns yellow in the fall. It is one of our best exotic maples, growing rapidly and to great size.

Its broad, 5-lobed leaves are remotely toothed, and smooth and green on both sides. A broken petiole or growing shoot exudes a milky juice.

The flowers are yellow, in flat clusters, followed by thin, paired samaras whose wings spread in opposite directions. As the flowers open after the leaves, the samaras are late in ripening, and they germinate the following spring. Seeds of this species may be gathered and shipped without losing their vitality, as do the two "soft maples."

The Norway maple has proved itself an exceptionally good species for the Middle West. In any region, it holds its leaves much later than other maples, which is a strong argument i7 its favour, for they are still perfect when they fall.