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Smooth Sumach Tree

Smooth Sumach TreeThe Smooth Sumach (R. glabra, Linn.) is rarely given rank as a tree, though it sometimes almost deserves it. Like the staghorn, this species has serrate leaflets and dense, erect clusters of red fruit. But it is smooth instead of hairy, except its fruits, and its twigs have a pale, glaucous bloom.

This is one of the best species for decorative planting. Its foliage is clean and fine, and turns to rich colours in fall. Its large fruits last late into winter. The berries, bark and leaves are used in the treatment of fevers. A cooling beverage, pleasantly acid, is made of the unripe fruit in summer.

This species is found everywhere east of the Rocky Mountains, and extends to British Columbia and Arizona. It is oftenest seen in situations chosen also by the staghorn sumach.