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Evergreen Buckthorn Tree

Evergreen Buckthorn TreeThe Evergreen Buckthorn (Rhamnus crocea, Nutt.) grows on the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, south of the upper valley of the Sacramento River. It is more often a shrub than a tree, and commonly forms thickets on the shaded sides of ravines.

Its leaves are almost round and spiny-toothed, glossy green above and coppery beneath. Its scarlet, pea-like fruits are sweet and edible. This buckthorn is frequently seen in gardens in California. It is not hardy in the North, but deserves introduction into the Southern and Middle States.

Numerous related genera belonging to the buckthorn family are found in the Southern States and in California. Among them are trees of unusual interest which deserve brief mention here. Some are remarkable for the hardness of their wood, others for their flowers.