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Monterey Pine Tree

Monterey Pine TreeThe Monterey Pine (P. radiata, D. Don.), like its companion, Torrey's pine, is restricted to a very narrow range. They occur together in Santa Rosa Island, and each has a narrow strip of territory on the mainland of southern California. On Point Pinos, south of Monterey Bay, P. radiata is most abundant and grows to 100 feet in height, with trunks occasionally 5 or 6 feet in diameter. Its wood is soft and weak.

The bright rich green of the leaves, which never linger more than 3 years to dull the freshness of the new ones, and a silvery sheen the young growth wears, make this tree one of the handsome pines. Its quick growth also destines it for popularity with landscape gardeners wherever the climate is mild enough in winter. It is a favourite park tree from Vancouver Island down the coast to its natural range. It has long been planted in pleasure grounds of western and southern Europe, and occasionally in our Southeastern States.