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Swiss Pine Tree

Swiss Pine TreeThe Swiss Pines (P. Cembra and rnontana) are all picturesque and hardy, as if they crouched under Alpine blasts, even in the most comfortable situations. Any flat-topped, irregular evergreen growing wild is attractive to the eye of the nurseryman who has a landscape-gardening department and facilities for moving large trees. He is able to get the tree at a bargain from the farmer in whose woodlot or pasture it stands. There is very little cordwood in it. The new owner cuts a big circle around the tree the depth of a spade, severing the roots outside this boundary. A year later a thick mat of rootlets has resulted from this root pruning, and in the winter the tree is easily taken up and planted in just the right place on Mr. ---'s new country place. He points out to his friends the striking "Swiss-pine effect " of this tree etched against the sky. It is a good thing, and worth the price, even if he never heard of a Swiss pipe before in his life.