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Mammoth Clover

Mammoth Clover, called Cow Grass in England, is one of the best known varieties of Red Clover. It has sometimes been called Trifolium medium L., but this is not correct, Trifolium medium L. being a distinct species, clearly distinguished from Red Clover in many essentials. As indicated by its name, Mammoth Clover is a large variety of Red. It is more decidedly perennial and has therefore been called Trifolium pratense var. perenne, or Perennial Red Clover. The stems are long, coarse and generally spreading.

The leaves usually lack the white blotch characteristic of common Red Clover. This cannot, however, be used as a distinguishing mark, as the common Red is often without the spot. Mammoth Clover is decidedly later; it blooms from ten days to three weeks after common Red Clover. It grows slowly after mowing and can generally be cut only once in a season. It requires the same soil and climate as Common Red, but on account of its stronger root system and perennial tendency it is more apt to thrive tinder adverse conditions.

Its coarser growth makes the hay less relished by stock; on the other hand, its greater luxuriance makes it a better soil improver.

It is not possible to separate seed of Mammoth Red Clover from that of Common Red.