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BulrushThe sedges of this genus are usually known as "rushes," and are common in shallow streams, in swamps, and in marshes.

The species vary greatly in appearance; some are low and slender, being but a few inches in height, others are tall, leafless, and rushlike, while still others are broad-leaved and bear conspicuous flowering umbels.

Several of these plants were long ago noticed in homely arts.

Mats and ropes have been made of Bulrushes, and in early colonial days chair-bottoms of beautiful workmanship were fashioned of the Chair-maker's Rush (Scirpus americanus) and the Great Bulrush (Scirpis validus), plants which are common in shallow water and by the borders of ponds throughout North America.

Chair Makers Rush
Club Rush
Great Bulrush
Salt Marsh Bulrush
Wool Grass