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Meadow Sphenopholis Grass

Meadow Sphenopholis GrassSphenopholis pallens (Spreng.) Scribn.

Meadow Sphenopholis, a tufted perennial, with narrow panicles of pale green spikelets, is sometimes common in moist woods and meadows, but it is a plant little noticed save by the student to whom each new grass is a discovery of absorbing interest.

Meadow Sphenopholis. Sphenopholis pallens (Spreng.) Scribn.

Perennial, tufted.

Stem 1-3 ft. tall, slender, erect. Ligule 1" long or less. Leaves 2'-7' long, 1"-3" wide, rough, flat, pale green.

Panicle 3'-8' long, narrow, pale green. Spikelets 2-3-flowered, nearly 2" long. Outer scales unequal, 1st scale acute, very narrow, about 1/6 the width of the 2nd scale, which is obtuse or abruptly acute; flowering scales acute. Stamens 3.

Damp woods and meadows. May to July.

Maine to Wisconsin, south to North Carolina and Texas.