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Tufted Eragrostis Grass

Tufted Eragrostis GrassTufted Eragrostis (Eragrostis pilosa) is a slender annual which is found by waysides, and on sandy river banks. The leaves are very narrow, and the green or purple panicles are shorter and narrower than in the two species mentioned above.

The ornamental grasses of old-time gardens are called to mind as the Strong-scented Eragrostis opens its showy panicles, though surely this plant never found a place by beds of lavender and rosemary, for it emits a most offensive odour, which happily is not possessed by other grasses of the Eastern States.

The panicles are not long, being rarely more than six inches in length, but they are closely flowered with large, showy spikelets which in bloom make the grass the most stately of the genus.