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Red Top or Herds Grass

Red Top or Herds GrassRed-top. Herd's Grass. Bent-grass. Agrostis alba L. Perennial.

Exceedingly variable.

Stem 1-4 ft. tall, erect, not branched. Ligule 4" long or less. Leaves 2'-10' long, 1 "-4" wide, flat, rough.

Panicle 2'-10' long, open, branches many. Spikelets 1-flowered, about 1" long, green or reddish purple. Scales 3; outer scales acute, about equal, rough on keels; flowering scale obtuse or acute; palet not less than one third as long as flowering scale. Stamens 3, anthers white, short.

Fields, meadows, and waysides. June to September.

Throughout nearly the whole of North America.

Red Top picture

Red Top seed