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Rough Stalked Meadow Grass seed


In central Europe the seed of Rough-stalked Meadow Grass is generally secured from wild plants, in which case it is simply stripped off by hand when ripe. In Denmark the seed is grown for commerce on a comparatively large scale. The same field is harvested from two to four years. Fifteen to twenty pounds of seed per acre are sown as a rule.

Quality of seed:

The seeds are provided with cobweb-like hairs similar to those of Kentucky Blue Grass and the seeds are alike in other respects, the only difference being that in the seed of Roughstalked Meadow Grass the glumes have more prominent nerves.
The seed of Kentucky Blue Grass being much cheaper, it is often used as a substitute for Rough-stalked Meadow Grass. As a matter of fact, pure seed of the latter is difficult to obtain.