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Genus ALNUS, Linn.

Small water-loving trees of rapid growth. Leaves simple, deciduous, alternate, short stemmed. Flowers apetalous, monoecious, in catkins. Fruit woody, cone-like, oval, with 2 seeds on each scale.

The genus Alnus includes twenty species of shrubs and trees. nine in North America, six of which are trees in habit and size.
The largest and most important timber tree is the black alder of the Old World. Widely distributed by Nature and by man, this genus is the source of many hardy ornamentals adapted to damp soils.

"Alder, the owner of all waterish ground."

Black Alder Tree
Hoary Alder or Speckled Alder Tree
Lanceleaf Alder Tree
Oregon Alder or Red Alder Tree
Paperleaf Alder Tree
Seaside Alder Tree
White Alder Tree