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Genus MALUS, Hall.

Trees which are parents of cultivated apples. Leaves simple, alternate, deciduous. Flowers showy, perfect, fragrant, in terminal cymes. Fruit fleshy, enclosing papery 5-celled core.

The genus Malus is native to the whole of eastern Asia. We have four native species. Our cultivated crab apples and the hundreds of orchard varieties have their ancestral home somewhere in Asia Minor.

For centuries horticulturists have been at work improving wild apples. In Europe and in America the effort is to get better fruit. In the Far East the aim has been to produce the finest flowering trees. The results are both advantageous to the horticulture of the world.

Closely allied to apples are the other pome fruits, pears and quinces. Neither are native to America, though they are widely cultivated here.

Medlar Tree
Narrow Leaved Crab Apple Tree
Oregon Crab Apple Tree
Pear Tree
Prairie Crab Apple Tree
Quince Tree
Soulard Apple Tree
Wild Apple Tree
Wild Crab Apple Tree