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Laurels and Sassafras

Laurels and SassafrasFAMILY LAURACEAE

Aromatic trees with handsome wood. Leaves simple alternate, punctate, entire. Flowers small, unconspicuous, yellowish green, clustered. Fruit, a 1-seeded berry.

The laurel family has forty genera, most of them tropical. Of the six North American genera, four are arbourescent. Three of these have broad evergreen leaves; the fourth is deciduous. All have 1-seeded berries, following inconspicuous, yellowishgreen flowers.

Three of these genera are monotypic; one has two species. All but the sassafras produce handsome, ornamental wood, used in inlay work and for interior finish of houses.

Avocado or Alligator Pear Laurel Tree
California Laurel Tree
Lancewood Laurel Tree
Red Bay Laurel Tree
Sassafras Tree
Swamp Bay Laurel Tree