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Genus PINUS, Duham.

Leaves evergreen, of two forms: primary, short, broad al base, scattered; secondary, needle-like, in sheathed bundles. Flowers monoecious, naked; staminate, clustered; pistillate, lateral or subterminal, with spirally arranged scales; ovules, 2 on each scale. Fruit, a woody cone, maturing in 2 or 3 years.

" What the apple is among the fruits, what the oak is among broad-leaved trees of the temperate zone, the pines are among the conifers, excelling all other genera in this most important family in number of species, in fields of distribution in extent of area occupied, in usefulness and importance to the human race. -B. E. Fernow.

Six hundred species and varieties have been described and named in the genus Pinus. They are distributed in vast forests over the northern half of the globe, reaching into the tropics by following mountain chains. The East and West Indian Islands have each their own pines.

Out of the hundreds of named kinds about eighty distinct species are now recognised. Half of this number are found in North America. Forests of pine still cover mountain slopes in the western and northern parts of the continent. Lumbering has been going on for a century in the Eastern States; more recently the Great Lakes region and the pine forests of the Southern States have been exploited to supply the demand for pine.

Arizona White Pine Tree
Austrian Pine Tree
Bhotan Pine Tree
Big Cone Pine Tree
Black Pine Tree
Cuban Pine or Swamp Pine Tree
Digger Pine Tree
Foxtail Pine Tree
Great Sugar Pine Tree
Grey or Scrub Pine Tree
Himalayan Pine Tree
Jersey or Scrub Pine Tree
Knob Cone Pine Tree
Korean Pine Tree
Lacebark Pine Tree
Loblolly or Old Field Pine Tree
Longleaf Pine Tree
Macedonian and Cluster Pine Tree
Mexican White Pine Tree
Monterey Pine Tree
Mountain Pine or Silver Pine Tree
Mugho Pine Tree
Nut Pine Tree
Pitch Pine Tree
Pond or Marsh Pine Tree
Prickle Cone Pine Tree
Red or Norway Pine Tree
Red Pine Tree
Rocky Mountain White Pine Tree
Sand Pine Tree
Scotch Pine Tree
Scrub Pine Tree
Shortleaf Pine Tree
Spruce Pine Tree
Stone and Aleppo Pine Tree
Swiss Pine Tree
Table Mountain Pine Tree
Torrey Pine Tree
Umbrella Pine Tree
Western Yellow Pine Tree
White Bark Pine Tree
White Pine Tree
Yellow Pine Tree