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Elms and Hackberries

Elms and HackberriesFAMILY ULMACEAE

Genus ULMUS, Linn.

Trees of horticultural and lumber value. Leaves alternate serrate, unequal at base, with strong ribs and short petioles Flowers greenish, inconspicuous, perfect. Fruit a dry nutlet with thin encircling wing, bearing two hooks at apex.

Genus CELTIS, Linn.

Valuable shade trees. Leaves simple, 3-nerved, serrate. Flowers polygamo-moncecicus, axillary, small. Fruit sweet, succulent berry.

Genus PLANERA, Gmel.

Water-loving trees of small size. Leaves elm-like, small, unsymmetrical. Flowers polygamo-monoecious, axillary, small. Fruit a dry drupe in crustaceous husk.

Cedar Elm Tree
English Elm Tree
European Nettle Tree
Hackberry ot Nettle Tree or Sugar Berry Tree
Planer Tree or Water Elm Tree
Rock Elm or Cork Elm Tree
Slippery Elm or Red Elm Tree
White Elm or American Elm Tree
Winged Elm or Wahoo Tree