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Purple Magnolia Tree

Purple Magnolia TreeThe purple magnolia, Magnolia obovata, is only a shrub, and it cannot endure our northern winters. It blooms in May or June-later than the Yulan-and its flowers are relatively small and almost scentless. The outside of the flowers is purple, and it is from this that the hybrids get their shades of pink and rose and crimson.

It can be readily understood what a triumph it was to cross these species successfully, for the hybrids are hardy, largeflowered and fragrant; and they present several new and most desirable colours. In this group are the following: Alexandrina, grandis, Lennei, Norbertiana and speciosa. They are all small trees, excellent for setting in city yards and in other prominent places, for after the blossoms the fruits and foliage are both decorative.