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Walnut Tree

Walnut TreeThe Walnut (J. rupestris, Engelm.) of the far Southwest grows on canon sides and stream borders, climbing the mountains to an elevation of 6,000 feet-a shrub in the high semi-arid regions, a spreading tree where its thirsty roots can find water in unfailing supply. The limbs are covered with white bark, and the twigs are cottony. This makes the leafless tree a striking and beautiful feature of winter landscapes, especially where there is a dark background.

The little nuts have deeply grooved and very thick shells, but the Indians and Mexicans are glad to take trouble to get at the sweet kernels within. The hard shell is, however, a commercial impediment. The wood is rich dark brown in colour and takes a satiny polish; but it is weak and coarse grained, and is not important in the lumber trade.