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Dogwood Tree

Dogwood TreeThe Dogwood (Cornus Nuttallii, Aud.), of the Pacific coast, occasionally reaches 100 feet in height in the forest opposite Vancouver Island. It grows tall and slim, and thus does not commend itself to gardeners as its Eastern relative does.

Its flowers are very much like it in colouring and form, though much more conspicuous because twice as large. The bracts do not cover the flowers in the buds, and are not notched at the tip when developed. There are often six instead of four of them.

This dogwood seems not to thrive outside its native woods, on the mountain slopes from British Columbia to southern California. But here it is easily first in a land of splendid flowering trees, leaning upon the sombre evergreens, in its snowy spring robes and its rich scarlet autumnal garb-a spectacle never to be forgotten once it is seen.